About us

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African Desk is a representative agent who offers support to forwarders through differts platforms and applications. We have a global network of agents which are very experienced and which can handle the typical issues of each countries. 

African Desk implements and supports the electronic tracking of goods through the Electronic Cargo Tracking Application. This application simplifies the exchange and management of maritime transport. An Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (e-CTN) is created in order to make it possible to follow all goods towards their destination. This results in a better structure and control in maritime commercial traffic. We support users of the e-CTN system and also check the information in this system.

In addition, the experts of African Desk have expertise in the area of the single window. Through this window the transport of goods to and from countries is made much easier. For example, all stakeholders, such as senders, banks and local authorities are brought into virtual contact with each other throughout the whole trading process. The online platform also improves the logistical efficiency because transactions are paperless and done simultaneously.

TC&T helps and advices its partner companies in order to find the best solutions for financing:

  • Own financing
  • Extern financing
  • « Build & Operate » (BO)
  • « Build & Transfer » (BT)
  • « Build, Operate & Transfer » (BOT)